• Support send key from a physical keyboard that connects to raspberry.
  • Support send a string to the remote Bluetooth client (PC, Phone ..)

Step 1: update and upgrade your system

sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Install git tool

sudo apt-get install git

Step 3: Clone my repo

git clone https://github.com/quangthanh010290/BL_keyboard_RPI

Step 4: Install

cd BL_keyboard_RPI
sudo ./setup.sh

Step 5: Change the Bluetooth Keyboard name (optional)

open the boot.sh file and find the line

./updateName.sh ThanhLe_Keyboard

Change the name you want, example

./updateName.sh Mlabviet_Keyboard

Step 6: Reboot then Run the app

sudo reboot
cd BL_keyboard_RPI

Step 7: Modify some Bluetooth settings.

After execute the ./boot.sh command above, there is a tmux sesstion running in background, run this command to show it up.

tmux a

Input these params to the window name [bluetooth]. If this is the first time you use tmux, check out this link to learn how to use it tmux cheatsheet

agent on
discoverable on

Step 8: Scan for Bluetooth keyboard device on your phone or PC

On Phone

Scan result on my phone

PIN for paring

On Raspberry

Request to pair, enter yes to allow

Connected to my phone [quangthanh_iphone]

Step 9: How to send key

Connect a wired keyboard to your Raspberry and start sending keys to your phone/pc

Checkout the Video

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